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Casa Doors

Casa Doors is a Lithuanian brand of MB Casadeya company based in Vilnius. With a start and successful begining history, Casa Doors brings proven engineering and a wealth of knowledge for our clients’ projects across America and Europe. Founded in Vilnius in 2022, Casa Doors is dedicated to increasing the real and aesthetic value of real-estate by suppling of unique door designs per each deign project  using almost any decors . We utilize the best European engineering and manufacturing principles to achieve clean lines and less installation complexity. Casa Doors and its manufacturing Partners will provide you with the best options you migth need. Together, we have wide experience of door engineering and manufacturing experience


All our products are made-to-measure and manufactured in Europe within 6-8 weeks, depending on product, quantity and complexity. We offer attractive discounts to contractors and architects ordering in large quantities. We ship via air / road / sea cargo, depending on your budget and project needs.


Casa Doors is specialized in three product lines – Filomuro doors, Frameless doors with varible decors, PIVOT doors and Partitions. All of our products are supplied in full sets per custommer orders.

There are few simple steps to order doors: 
1-st step is to chose the models you like from our catalogue or send to our email mbcasadeya@gmail.com your project or design you want.
2nd step is to mark necessary quantity and structural openings their  dimensions, note opening side for each door leaf (inside or outside opening and left or right or any Sliding system must be used)
With the 3rd step we will chooce all necessary hardware in accordance with the project - handle designs, opening systems and other details. 
4rd step is calculation of the project by us or confirmation with Proforma Invoice we will send to the email we recive inquiry. 
5th step. On that stage you will need to provide downpayment in accordance with Proforma Invoice amount and awaitiung production. 
On the 6 step before one week of the production will be done we will  need to agree shipment method (air/vessel/truck) and finalize payment for the order.
On the 7th step you will recive your done order for your project.   

There are plenty solutions you may fit with us :


Used to divide space, dressing rooms and other space where it is necessary to emphasize the design solution.

Filomuro doors

Wooden invisible doors with aluminum door frame. Surface can be decorated in RAL colors

Frameless doors

Custom frameless doors. A highlight for designers. Marbel, porcelain, glass, Hpl, paints and other decors available